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Managing a kitchen isn’t enough, you have to know how to do it well.

We train executive chefs with the international vision to successfully run several professional kitchens at the same time.

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At the Culinary Arts Organization®™, we aim to encourage the gastronomy professional in everything he or she sets out to do, understanding that one of the logical paths that any chef may want to take is to assume executive management and leadership in the kitchen.

Understanding the key aspects of creating the gastronomic offer of an establishment with one or several points of sale is essential for professional advancement. Because that means being better prepared to take on more executive responsibilities in a kitchen.

The Executive Chef Diploma is a program in which the student goes through all the functions of the Executive Management of professional kitchens.


The role of the Executive Chef is to be responsible for the production and service of the gastronomic offer of various points of sale or business units. They are the person of reference in the back of the house, managing the processes from procurement to production, providing profitability, optimizing the company’s assets and resources, and ensuring the customer experience.

The fact that this program is concentrated on three days a week for six months makes it a suitable course for working professionals, enabling them to immediately put into practice what they learn thanks to its methodology which includes participative, experiential, practical sessions and workshops.

The syllabus features essential aspects of economic management, kitchen process management, kitchen management linked to business management, and human resource planning.


Special attention is paid to the contents related to kitchen production and service provision in the various points of sale or business units, the management of outsourced services, key tools for integrated management and sales, Cover Manager, or Revo, and the optimization of delivery and takeaway catering formats.

Food safety is treated as an essential aspect and the vision of the future to recognize and differentiate between trends and novelties that are here to stay. In addition, the course includes outings and experiences to complement the training and apply it to real examples and a set of sessions dedicated to developing self-management skills to be able to manage complex teams.


Skills development focuses on creativity and innovation, efficient communication, and teamwork.

This diploma is part of the Chef who wants to become a chef with a global vision of the restaurant kitchen, and businesses and be a specialist in their sector.


The career path is designed for those who already know the operational functioning of a kitchen and who want to take their first step in management and be able to manage several different types of kitchens.

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