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The Sustainable Bakery Beyond Ingredient Transparency

basic concepts in baking and includes chapters on all bakery ingredients and their functions, and bakery products in the baking industry.

Sliced Bread
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The Sustainable Bakery Beyond Ingredient Transparency

Bread can be served at many temperatures once baked, it can subsequently be toasted. It is most commonly eaten with the hands, either by itself or as a carrier for other foods. Bread can be spread with butter, and dipped into liquids such as gravyolive oil, or soup, it can be topped with various sweet and savory spreads or used to make sandwiches containing meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.

Bread is used as an ingredient in other culinary preparations, such as the use of breadcrumbs to provide crunchy crusts or thicken sauces toasted cubes of bread, called croutons, are used as a salad topping seasoned bread is used as stuffing inside the roasted turkey,


Sweet or savory bread puddings are made with bread and various liquids egg and milk-soaked bread are fried as French toast and bread is used as a binding agent.


In sausagesmeatballs, and other ground meat products.


This is hands-on training.

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