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The Sustainable Chocolate 

Cocoa Production and Processing Technology

An intensive culinary program that is based on classic international cuisine that incorporates all the basic and advanced skills and knowledge needed for professional chocolate production. ​​

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Sustainable Chocolate
Cocoa Production and
Processing Technology

One of the largest food commoditexported from the developing countries to the rest of the world, cocoa has gained increasing attention on the global market raising many questions about its quality, sustainability, and traceability.


Cocoa Production and Processing Technology presents detailed explanations of the technologies that could be employed to assure sustainable production of high-quality and safe cocoa beans for the global confectionery industry. It provides overviews of up-to-date technologies and approaches to modern cocoa production practices, global production and consumption trends, and principles of cocoa processing and chocolate manufacture.

History and taxonomy of cocoa, and examines the fairtrade and organic cocoa industries and their influence on smallholder farmers. The chapters provide in-depth coverage of cocoa cultivation, harvesting, and post-harvest treatments with a focus on cocoa bean composition, ge,notypic variations and their influence on quality, post-harvest pre-treatments, fermentation techniques, and drying, storage, and transportation.

Cocoa fermentation processes as well as the biochemical and microbiological changes involved and how they influence flavor. He also addresses cocoa trading systems, bean selection, and quality criteria, as well as industrial processing of fermented and dried cocoa beans into liquor, cake, butter, and powder.


The general principles of chocolate manufacture, detail the various stages of the processes involved, the factors that influence the quality characteristics, and strategies to avoid post-processing quality defects.

Presents innovative techniques for sustainability and traceability in high-quality cocoa production and explores new product development with potential for cost reduction and improved cocoa bean and chocolate product quality.


This is hands-on training.

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